Research Collective for Decolonizing Fashion

New spaces and platforms are needed that acknowledge diverse fashion systems, their histories, and their interconnections with the dominant ‘world fashion city’ network. This is what RCDF aims to provide.

Our Story

The Research Collective for Decolonizing Fashion (RCDF) was established in 2012, when founder Dr. Angela Jansen held the first Non-Western Fashion Conference in Rabat, Morocco.

Invitation for Membership

RCDF is a collaborative and inclusive collective. We hold space for a community of thinkers, writers, designers, activists, historians, and so much more. If this sounds like the collective for you, we invite for you to join!

Contribute a blog!

Members of the RCDF are invited to contribute a blog of around 200 words to this site. It is a way and share important conversations about decolonizing fashion.

Contact us

We look forward to hearing from you