CFP: Panel ‘Decolonizing Fashion’ at the Costume Society of America 2019 Symposium

April 15-20, 2019

Seattle Westin Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA

Deadline: 30th August 2018

The Research Collective for Decolonizing Fashion (formerly the Non-Western Fashion Conference) was established in 2012 to move beyond the stubbornly persistent euro – and ethnocentric underpinnings of dominant fashion discourse and to construct alternative narratives. The RCDF recognizes that fashion systems are diverse, span world cultures, and have long histories. We engage critical investigation and dialogue into that often denied, forgotten or otherwise hidden diversity, as we explore interconnections among fashion systems outside the dominant ‘world fashion city’ network.

We approach diverse fashion systems around the world through multidisciplinary and multicultural forums and seek through our research new critical paradigms within cross-cultural perspectives. We understand that ‘fashion globalization,’ far from representing a remedial development, perpetuates Eurocentric biases in fashion discourse on a wider geographical stage.

Papers can explore any of the above themes from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective.  We welcome submissions from academics, curators, designers and industry professionals who are creatively and critically involved in fashion systems everywhere in the world.

To present a paper, authors need to join the Costume Society of America and register for the symposium.

For information on the CSA Symposium, visit

Please submit your 300 word abstracts by email to Leslie Rabine ( or Angela Jansen ( before 30th of August 2018.


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