The RCDF’s editorial team is looking to fill the following positions:


  • Responsible for coordinating all different tasks and members of the editorial team, assuring that deadlines are kept, supervising the general content of the different platforms and relating to the RCDF’s steering committee as well as constantly improving and innovating the editorial team’s activities

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

  • Responsible for the inbox of the collective, all email communication between the team members and mailings to be send out to the network, including the monthly newsletter. This person is also responsible for continuously extending the network by approaching new institutions and individuals to collaborate with

Content Designer(s)

  • Responsible for generating and uploading a constant stream of content for the social media platforms ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) as well as creating new content by writing opinion pieces, book reports, interviews with relevant researchers, designers and influencers, (museum) exhibitions, conferences, etc.

Blog Editor(s)

  • Responsible for identifying, coordinating and editing bi-weekly blog posts for the RCDF’s website.

Web and/or graphic designer(s)

  • Responsible for the graphic identity of the RCDF as well as in charge of keeping the website functioning and improving.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please send your cv and a one page motivation letter by email to before 1st March 2019.

The RCDF is  exclusively run by volunteers and does not profit from any structural funding. Therefore, only a strong believe in its goals and aims can justify the elaborate amounts of time and effort you will be putting into this project. With its members spread all over the world, in all time zones, the project involves a large amount of independent working, although regular skype meetings with the other team members, as well as the coordinator of the collective, are required. Being part of the RCDF’s editorial team is a great opportunity to have a crucial input in a project, to personally contribute to disrupting the norm and changing dominant fashion discourse by making it more inclusive and diverse and to become part of a worldwide network of like-minded thinkers. Therefore, we are looking for highly motivated, proactive, self-sufficient and enthusiastic people, who can work both independently as well as part of a team.

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