Newsletter 2019 #2


Welcome to the very first newsletter of the Research Collective for Decolonizing Fashion. This three-monthly newsletter will keep you posted on the latest developments regarding the Collective in addition to our website, Facebook page, twitter and Instagram account.

We have just finished our Seminar ReThinking Fashion Globalization co- organized with the Transboundary Fashion Seminar at Bunka Guaken University in Tokyo and are already looking forward to our Decolonizing Fashion panels at the 45th Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Costume Society of America in Seattle.

We are also still looking for strong members to join our editorial team and positions are still available for Content Designers, Blog Editors and Graphic Designers!
Finally, we have some very interesting new blog posts on our website, so make sure to have a read and leave a comment so we can keep the discussion going!

We hope you enjoy this newsletter.

The RCDF team


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