Conversations to Redress a Fashion Disaster – Resources 2

The excitement of exchange amongst participants on the 4th of November has already begun. In response to the list of resources that I shared, two participants have contributed valuable suggestions of their own. I list them here — and invite more. Just contact me through email:

Kate Fletcher, a founder of the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion communicated news of her new publication Earth Logic – Fashion Action Research Plan, written together with Mathilda Tham and available on line. Congratulations, Kate! Happily, she will bring a copy with her to Maastricht for us to peruse:

Karime Salame, new staff responsible for diversity and inclusivity at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), and teaching in the area of sustainability and decoloniality, suggested the following titles:

Fashion Revolution has an issue specifically about Craft and Cultural appropriation, really easy to read for students and really nice topics and also strategies.

-An Article about Gandhi and the politics of clothes and also their power, as well as how Gandhi brought the art of spinning back to the country and thereby gained the solidarity of the people. 

Spinning for Freedom: On How Viewing Khadi as Theatre Unravels the Narrative of Mahatma Gandhi

-An Article from the Business of Fashion, which narrates all the mistakes and obstacles that the industry has and had. Something more oriented to the commercial side of fashion.

Fashion’s Long Road to Inclusivity

-On Capitalism, there is a philosopher I really like: Byung-Chul Han. He teaches in Germany and has written many books, one of them “Die Errettung des Schönen” and he talks about we find beauty in smoothness, no scratches, no rough surfaces, only felt surfaces like Jeff Koons, iPhones or Bikini waxing. Here is an interview with him in English about the book

-On philosophy and climate change, I think there quite few philosophers who are involved in this, maybe its increasing, but Bruno Latour was one of the first, and his book “Facing Gaia. Eight Lectures on the New Climatic Regime” difficult to put in one sentence..because it’s Latour… but Ill try.. He explores how would it be to live in the Anthropocene and talks about Gaia, the Earth not as a system but as what has history, it is not nature or a goddess, it’s like a new form of power that has to be explored. 

-There is also Slavoj Zizek. The ecological apocalypse and the refugees apocalypse are more and more overlapping in what Philip Alston, a UN special rapporteur, described entirely accurately: “We risk a ‘climate apartheid’ scenario,” he said, “where the wealthy pay to escape overheating, hunger and conflict while the rest of the world is left to suffer.” 

Ok and the last one, BAK in Utrecht is doing a lot! on the topic of decolonisation. Exhibitions, Lectures, Workshops, it’s amazing (program item trainings-for-the-not-yet).

From colleague Erica de Greef, teacher and exhibition-maker in South Africa, I received the following link to a helpful syllabus by Rikki Byrd on Fashion and Race.


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