Fashion Stories @brankopopovic

‘When asked what my favourite piece of clothing is, my mind drifts away. Firstly, I tend to get seduced to find the ‘good’ answer but then I surrender to the fact that I am blessed of having many pieces I wear (clothing, accessories, jewellery, shoes) that are dear to me. 

The connecting factor is that ultimately the personal story behind it determines whether it is dear to me. And once there is a narrative that somehow opens the door to a memory, how small of big, I never want to lose it. This also applies to objects and other things. It can be anything.

I suggest this green white striped short-sleeved shirt. I got this from my aunt a long time ago, I don’t know if it was hers or someone else’s in the family. She is an adventurer and has always travelled. As a child, I enjoyed listening to her stories. Or simply to experience her energy after a trip, that is what I love.

I want to travel every summer. And when I pack my suitcase, I have garments that I actually take with me every year. I also like new clothes, but I am happy that I wear the same clothes every year on holiday photos.

This is one such garment that always lasts. It is very light cotton, I have never found it again. It is also light in colour. I feel good about it, beautiful and dressed. I always take pictures with it, because I also feel beautiful.

I don’t know how old it is. I like to fantasize that it is older than me.
I look forward to traveling again and taking this shirt with me.

First image is from last year, second from Portugal and last from France.

Branko Popovic is a Maastricht based creative entrepreneur active in various fields within the creative industry such as fashion, costume design, performing arts, creative direction, project development, curation and coaching.Branko is one of the co-founders of FASHIONCLASH, an international and interdisciplinary development platform for fashion and fashion culture for emerging designers and (performing) artists.


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