Newsletter 2021 #2

Dear reader,

Before you know it, weeks, months and a season have passed and it is time for another RCDF Newsletter. We are very excited to announce that our monthly Conversations on Decoloniality and Fashion have started, gathering a dedicated community of regular participants as well as inspiring guests like Walter Mignolo, Sandra Niessen and Rolando Vazquez. For those who have missed it, you can find the recordings and inspiring written reflections on the RCDF website. You can still join us by registering here.

Furthermore, after nearly ten years, the Collective is finally transforming into a formal structure, being the RCDF Foundation registered in the Netherlands. This will finally allow us to implement a more (financially) sustainable way of operating and compensate for the many hours of hard work put into the RCDF activities. For this, we have some very inspiring and motivating people joining the team, but more on this in the next newsletter.

In order to cover the (legal) costs of the creation of the Foundation, we are organising an online three-day Fundraiser event on 9-11 July 2021 and of course we are counting on the community to support us in this challenge. We honestly cannot believe how we have managed all these years to organise conferences, workshops, think tanks, events and publications without any structural funding or financial support. It only shows how dedicated our team of voluntary academics, creatives and activists is to the message of disrupting Eurocentricity in contemporary fashion discourse and practice.

Furthermore, we have news from our Hubs as well as some interesting publications, exhibitions, podcasts, courses and calls to share. We are happy to welcome the Fashion Liberation Collective North Africa, founded by Nada Koreish. The Moda e Decolonialidade: Encruzilhadas do Sul Global (Fashion and Decoloniality: Global South Crossroads Collective) is working on the very first RCDF Zine on “Decoloniality and Fashion in Brazil.” The Decolonial Summer School will organise its 12th edition in June 2021 on “Learning to Unlearn: Living, Knowing, the University and the Museum” in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and registration is now open.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter.

The RCDF Editorial team


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