Annual General Meeting 2021

Thank you to everyone who was part of our first RCDF Annual General Meeting 2021. You can now watch the recordings:

DAY 1: session 1 with Angela Jansen, Jose Teunissen and Rolando Vazquez

DAY 1: session 2 with Shayna Goncalves, Mi Medrado, Heloisa Helena dos Santos Oliveira and Caio Rosa

DAY 2 with Eleni Kalantidou, Branko Popovic, Sonya Batlla, Aika Alemi and Carol Barreto

DAY 3 on the Decolonial Visual Arts projections and Khanyi Mpumlwana in conversation with Paloma Gervasio Botelho, Lesiba Mabitsela, Frankie Herwels, Julian Kubel, Sonya Battla, Sandra Niessen and Branko Popovic


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