Call for Contributions

RCDF e-Zine 2022

The yearly RCDF e-Zine is key in connecting and inspiring how decoloniality and fashion are lived and experienced in different places worldwide. 

In 2022, the RCDF is celebrating its 10th Anniversary! While we use this year to reflect on our ten-year journey, we aim to engage the decolonial practice and perspective on fashion’s pluralities of their definitions, geographies, generations, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and race, and genealogies. 

We invite you to share with our coalitional network: decolonial practices, poetry, research, coalitions, aims, and projects. 

  • Knowledge Production (300 to 500 words): book reviews, articles, essays, and reflexivity accounts 
  • Senses Production (1-2 pictures with a 100 words description): visual art, exhibitions, music, theater, television, and movies 
  • Material Production (1-2 photos with a 100 words description): materials from fashion designers, makers, and all the ones on the fashion system
  • Coalitions (1-2 pictures with a 500 words description): Bring to light projects taken on fashion and decoloniality approach       

Deadline: Saturday, December 2nd, 2022 / Submit to:

Language:  you may submit in English or bilingual English + the author’s language 

Please let us know if you have any questions: Mi Medrado, Editor-in-Chief