Annual General Meeting 2022

On 30-31 March 2023, the RCDF Foundation will hold its second Annual General Meeting online, which is an opportunity for the community to connect, reflect on past activities and project on future initiatives. Anyone and everyone who is concerned with fashion, decoloniality, and a fair, ethical and culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable world, is welcome. We will reflect on our collective journey over the last ten years as we commemorate our  first event in October 2012.


The programme includes the presentation of the Annual Report 2022 by the Executive Team, updates from the Supervisory and Advisory Board, inspiring roundtable conversations, the launch of the second edition of the digital RCDF Zine, and screenings of short fashion films from different parts of the world.


The Annual General Meeting is also a key moment for the community to renew its financial support through voluntary donations to help safeguard the Collective’s independence as it operates from the borders, pushes back against dominant fashion discourses and enforces systemic changes. People are encouraged to make a recurring monthly donation of 10, 20 or 25 euro to raise 10.000 euros needed to cover the running costs for one year.


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