After nearly ten years, the Research Collective is finally formalising its structure, being the RCDF Foundation registered in the Netherlands. This will finally allow us to implement a more (financially) sustainable way of operating, to compensate the many hours of hard work put into the RCDF operations and activities and to apply for grants, receive donations, membership contributions and fees for our activities.

Guided by the ideas of inspiring decolonial thinkers, the Foundation’s main aim remains to reveal and permanently question the inherent coloniality of contemporary fashion and its eurocentricity. Through our conversing, organising, lecturing, teaching, curating and writing, we aim to address the silencing and erasing of voices—in and outside modernity—in our collective efforts to create a truly diverse and globally interconnected network of sovereign fashioning systems.

We aim to expose obscured intersectional forms of discrimination, erasure and exploitation within contemporary fashion. In the words of Rolando Vazquez, to witness the destruction of cultural diversity, is to face a radical reduction of roads into the future. By addressing these issues, we aim to activate a truly transformative movement for an environmentally and culturally sustainable, ethical and socially just fashion-sphere.

The Foundation will consist of a Supervisory Board, an Advisory Board, an Executive Board and an Editorial Team and we are looking forward to introducing the the Foundation and its board members during the RCDF Founding Fundraiser.

Online RCDF Annual General Meeting: 10-12 December 2021

In order to cover the (legal) costs of the creation of the Foundation, we are organising an online three-day RCDF Annual General Meeting event on 10-12 December 2021.

In the course of three days, we are planning inspiring conversations with exciting guests, round table discussions gathering decolonial thinkers and doers and a selection of short fashion film projections from around the world, followed by a Q&A with some of the makers.

We hope to motivate the community to support and enable us to continue this experimental platform that we started in 2012 to critique the denial and erasure of a diversity of fashioning systems. Registrations will open soon and donations will be voluntarily depending on individual means.

The Fundraiser will also be the occasion to launch the very first RCDF Zine, guest-edited by Mi Medrado our editor-in-chief and part of the Brazil-hub Moda e Decolonialidade: Encruzilhadas do Sul Global, with a special issue on “Decoloniality and Fashion in Brazil.”

The “Decoloniality and Fashion in Brazil” zine content will feature articles by Heloísa Helena dos Santos Oliveira, Maria do Carmo Paulino, Dandara Maia, Paulo Holanad and Cynthia Mariah. Interviews with Isaac Silva and Dudu Bertholini. Fashion projects by Júlia Vidal, Tarsila Alves, Paloma Gervásio Botelho and the Bolivian sisters rappers Santa Mala.

More soon…