Newsletter 2021 #1

Dear Reader,

As we step into the second decade of the 2000’s, we are happy to share our 2021 #1 newsletter with you and inform you of the activities of the members of the Research Collective for Decolonizing Fashion. We are excited to announce the upcoming Conversations on Decoloniality and Fashion: Monthly Online Series, from February to December 2021. The ‘Conversations’ series seeks to expand our collective understanding of decoloniality and its convergence with the field of fashion. You will also read about Sandra Niessen’s intervention in October 2020 in the State of Fashion (STOF) and her long-read article.

Furthermore, we are happy to share news from the RCDF Hubs. Erica de Greef together with dr heeten bhagat of the African Fashion Research Institute presented an online, intensive course which will run quarterly. Mi Medrado is preparing a special newsletter on decoloniality in Fashion in Brazil. We also welcome our new worldwide members from Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, United States, South Africa, Swiss and invite all of you to contribute a blog post to share research projects and developments in this very dynamic world.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter.

The RCDF Editorial team


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